February is National Pet Dental Health Month


We all know our pet's breath can stink at times but the odor can be from something more serious. Pets are susceptible to periodontal disease, plaque and tarter, cavities as well as tooth decay. That is why it is  extremely important to brush your pet's teeth daily.
If your pet does not like their teeth being brushed, we offer a great selection of brushless gels, water additives, dental treats and more to help tackle the job.
Tropiclean water additives are a great alternative to brushing your pets teeth. One cap per 16oz of water daily.
Tropiclean Brushless gels are a great way to maintain your pets dental health.
We also carry Tropiclean Dental Oral Kits for pets ad well at the oral care sprays.
Stop in one of our stores to see our great selection of dental care options for you pets! Don't forget to check out out options available on our online store.

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