Alzoo Sustainable Concentrated Powder Shampoo Bottle

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BUY ONCE, REFILL FOR LIFE: To be used with the Alzoo Sustainable Concentrated Powder Shampoo Pouch - 40gr. Just add water to create the most sustainable grooming shampoo for Dogs ever, to give to your Dog a luxurious bath, for instantly clean and soft skin and lasting nourishment.
WHY IS IT SUSTAINABLE: Eliminate Single Use Plastic Bottles, Bottle made by recycled aluminum. Infinite use aluminum bottle, use over & over. No shipping water, reducing Carbon footprint and cost across the Supply Chain. Lower cost to consumer. Sulfate Free, Dye Free, Paraben Free, Soap Free, Cruelty Free. 1 concentrated powder dose makes 16 Fl Oz (474 ml) shampoo. Powder format more sustainable than tabs requiring high power, and more.
EFFECTIVE AND SAFE: Great feedback from first consumers. Free of the ingredient in regular shampoos that causes eye irritation. It has a shiny effect and leaves the fur silky due to its conditioning properties.

Why We Love It

  • Natural Plant-Base Ingredients
  • Traditional stain & ordor products are loaded with toxic ingredients that are easily absorbed into the skin and can cause health issues. Alzoo products use the best from nature to be truly safe for dog, cats, the whole family, and the planet. Why put on their skin what you would NEVER use on your own.
  • You can do more of what matters most. When fleas, ticks, dirt, stains, and stress are gone, you can focus on what matters most to you. Every one of our products are sustainable, safe, and efficacious so you, your pet and your family can do more exploring, relaxing, adventuring,! We make it easy to be both a good pet parent and a good citizen of the earth. Alzoo does more so you can too.

About Alzoo

ALZOO has a complete range of health care and cosmetics products for your pets, where you are sure to find the best products for their well-being. All our products are PVC, Bisphenol-A, Phthalate and Synthetic pesticide-free. Our products contain no gluten and are manufactured in a gluten-free laboratory. We use science, ingenuity, safe ingredients, and sustainable practices to empower you, your pet and family to engage in what matters most (without troublesome distractions like fleas, ticks, dirt, stains, and stress).



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